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February is Dog Training Education Month!

How to participate in dog training month

Every day of the month, plan to perform one dog training activity with your dog. We’ve provided a example schedule of activities above, but you can customize it based on your specific dog’s skills and abilities. By the end of the month, we’re sure you will notice and improvement in your dog’s temperament, as well as the closeness of the bond you share.


DATE Activity
Feb 1 Agility
Feb 2 Jumping
Feb 3 Discus
Feb 4 Herding
Feb 5 Flyball
Feb 6 Myshing
Feb 7 Racing
Feb 8 Pulling
Feb 9 Obedience
Feb 10 Hiking
Feb 11 Tracking
Feb 12 Sledding
Feb 13 Search and rescue
Feb 14 Rollerblade
Feb 15 Ring Sport
Feb 16 Rally Obedience
Feb 17 Tricks
Feb 18 Field Trials
Feb 19 Water Work
Feb 20 Weight Pulling
Feb 21 Scootering
Feb 22 Diving
Feb 23 Carting
Feb 24 Treibbal
Feb 25 Flygility
Feb 26 Games
Feb 27 Fetching
Feb 28 Paw Control