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Will you help celebrate
our porky friends?
National Pig Day
1 March annually!

National Pig Day – Yes, that’s right!  Our very own day of the pig.  So why celebrate our farmyard animals?

For so long people have put themselves above pigs – but ‘Babe’ showed us a different way of looking at our pigs and how intelligent they can be! Okay, so maybe they don’t actually talk but you get the idea …

Rave says that ‘to accord the pig its rightful, though generally unrecognized, place as one of man’s most intellectual and domesticated animals.’

They can even be taught tricks!  Pigs at the Tisch Children’s Zoo in New York have been said to have stolen the show during past events on March 1st.

National Pig Day has also seen pig parties – which has included pink punch, pork snacks and ribbon pigtails tied around trees to honour our pigs!

A family in Long Island takes a different approach by not eating pork and treating their pet pig instead.   Whether the day is meant to give pigs a break or appreciate the goodness we get from eating them is left open.

So why don’t you mark the day?  You could cook up a roast or do something small like wear pink!