Clinical Pathology

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Clinical Pathology

Understanding and knowing your pet’s health status, both internally and externally, is an important aspect to caring for your pet. A thorough physical exam is always key to understanding your pet’s health, but it is only one piece of the puzzle.pathology pic

Buena Vista Road Animal Hospital offers a spectrum of point-of-care diagnostic tests to evaluate your pet’s overall health. These tests include blood chemistries, electrolytes, complete blood count and urinalysis and blood coagulation panels. We also have the capability to test for heartworm disease, 3 types of tick borne diseases, Feline leukemia and aids, pancreatic disease and intestinal parasites. Our professional staff can also test for thyroid levels and phenobarbital levels in house, helping us manage seizure and hypothyroid / hyperthyroid cases for your pets.

Other diagnostic tests offered by Buena Vista Road Animal Hospital include cytology of tumors, cysts and growths found on your pet. This test procedure involves inserting a needle into the tumor to collect cell samples that can be evaluated microscopically, which allow our staff to make further treatment recommendations. This procedure causes minimal to negligible discomfort and is performed without sedation.

All of these diagnostic tests allow our staff to recognize diseases in their early stages and keep you well informed of your pet’s internal health status.