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dr tannaz in surgeryAnesthetic and surgical events can be a source of great concern to pet owners.  Please call us for questions and concerns regarding these events.  We offer a range of surgical services from the more commonly known spays and neuters to the more involved procedures such as exploratory laparotomies, tumor excisions and biopsies, skin grafts and skin flaps.  Our surgical patients have pre-anesthetic blood work performed prior to surgery.  Anesthetic protocols are custom designed for each patient.  During anesthesia, the patient’s EKG, blood pressure, blood oxygenation levels (pulse oximetry), respiration (including capnography) and body temperature are constantly monitored.  Intravenous fluids are administered throughout the procedure.  Each patient is cared for and closely monitored before, during and after surgery by our qualified and caring staff.

Pain management as relates to surgery, starts before and continues during and after the procedure.  Our staff is vigilant and trained to monitor surgery patients closely.  We will discuss with you not only the surgical procedure, but also the pain management plan for your pet, before the surgery is scheduled.  We are here to answer any questions and address all concerns that you might have, regarding your pet and the procedure.

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